Alpro Social Fund: Communal sustainability after work

Through the Alpro Social Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, we support internal and external projects for a better society, projects in which Alpro staff and their families are involved.

As well as the projects selected and approved by the Fund Management, all our staff can also make a formal application to the Fund for a project with which they're closely involved. As well as the selection committee, all our employees can vote for them. We are very proud of the way in which our staff are also giving their free time after work for a better world.

You can follow the approved projects via this website and see the results.

Acorns Children’s Hospice – Development of garden Joanna Parkin € 4.000
L'ARAME – A stay in the mountains Pascal Jung € 3.000
Rett Syndrome Europe ASBL – Publication of a book about Rett Aranka Dekyvere € 3.000
Pelicano Foundation – Support to Belgian children in poverty Kathleen Jacobs € 3.000
Acorns Children’s Hospice – Memorial Day Rachel Cranston € 3.000
St Benedicts Infant School – Get Growing Kate Arthur € 3.000
Het Havenhuis vzw – Therapy is on the rise! Stéphanie Sybertz € 3.000
De Waterlelie – Construction of courtyard and playground Kjell Milleville € 2.500
Tanderuis vzw – ASStheek Astrid De Maertelaere € 2.500
Foundation Support22q11– Raising awareness about this disease Maud van der Vleuten € 2.000
Het Ventiel vzw – Music in all its forms Christiaan Devos € 2.000
JCI Gent vzw – (Y)our Future Jolien Clauwaert € 1.000
BuLo Sint-Jozef – Getting Started with iPads in the classroom Filip Walraeve € 1.000
WanderART vzw – Catching Dreams Chris Vandenbroucke € 1.000
Els Teugels Alpro Product Donation

The Alpro Social Fund's own selection

1. Malnutrition matters

Malnutrition Matters is a Canadian-registered, non-profit organization, dedicated to providing sustainable low cost food technology solutions for malnutrition, primarily by using soya, but also cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables.

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2. United Fund for Belgium

De Habbekrats VZW offers disadvantaged young people, aged between 10 and 21 years old, the opportunity to spend high quality free time in friendly, easy-access meeting places where they can enjoy a healthy meal. The VZW also teaches them values, standards and social skills through various training courses.

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3. Child Focus Run

Child Focus provides free assistance in case of the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children. Child Focus Run is a fundraising running event that gives the organization visibility and the necessary financial support to continue to provide their social role free of charge.

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