Alpro Social Fund: Communal sustainability after work

Through the Alpro Social Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, we support internal and external projects for a better society, projects in which Alpro staff and their families are involved.

As well as the projects selected and approved by the Fund Management, all our staff can also make a formal application to the Fund for a project with which they're closely involved. As well as the selection committee, all our employees can vote for them. We are very proud of the way in which our staff are also giving their free time after work for a better world.

You can follow the approved projects via this website and see the results.

vzw Pinocchio - Re-integration camps for children and youths with burn wounds Mariska Meirsman € 5.000
vzw De Sloep - Purchase of sports -recreational equipment, 2nd hand bicycles and dental hygiene packages joke waelput € 3.000
vzw Zonnebloem - Cargo bike for children with special needs Febe Bels € 3.000
vzw Berrefonds - Koesterhuis Kortrijk Valerie Matton € 3.000
Groep Ubuntu - Purchase of a mobile projector for Villa Madiba Gudrun Theys € 2.500
vzw t'Alternatief - Purchase of equipment for nurseries Krokonijn & Kamelofant Gudrun Theys € 2.300
GI De Zande Ruiselede - Purchase of bumper balls and bicycles renaat vermeersch € 2.000
De 3 Wijzen - Purchase of a coffee machine
No contribution due to missing link with fund objective
Gudrun Theys € 0