vzw Pinocchio - Re-integration camps for children and youths with burn wounds

Thanks to Mariska Meirsman

A donation of € 5.000

vzw Pinocchio promotes the interests and wellbeing of children and youths with burn wounds in Belgium by organising various activities. Each year approximately 400 children, half of whom are under the age of 5, are admitted to Belgian burn units. That is more than 1 child every day! The hospital stay is an emotionally very taxing experience for these children and youths. vzw Pinocchio tries to make their stay more bearable and pleasant in various ways. (Tommy de Clown, toys, activities, etc.) They also provide financial and psychosocial support. Finally, vzw Pinocchio also organises numerous activities for these burn victims, such as: Mother-child thermal treatments, re-integration camps, activities for ages 16 and above, re-integration into the class group and Saint Nicholas parties.

vzw Pinocchio is seeking financial support to further expand the re-integration camps; the goal of this camp is to support re-integration into society and psychological aftercare. In addition to having a good time, current therapies are continued during the camp by the paramedical team (wound care, physical therapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy, etc.) present. Burn wound camps are of the utmost importance for the recovery and future of every burn victim.