vzw De Sloep - Purchase of sports -recreational equipment, 2nd hand bicycles and dental hygiene packages

Thanks to joke waelput

A donation of € 3.000

De Sloep vzw is an open house for young, vulnerable families from various backgrounds. In a welcoming atmosphere and group work, they offer parenting support and health promotion ; this can be in the form of material support based on the needs of babies and young children (clothing, nappies, food, etc.) or family support (workshops and interactive sessions on exercise, nutrition, health, language integration, etc.);

Building a healthy body starts during childhood, but this is often not a priority for vulnerable families without resources. Therefore De Sloep focuses on 3 pillars for raising a healthy child in a safe way:
- Organising sports activities & purchasing sports equipment to keep children active in a safe environment to and off the streets during holidays.
- Cycling mobility: Offering cycling equipment, for sustainable and healthy transport to school, for example.
- Dental hygiene workshops for parents of young children.

vzw De Sloep is searching for financial support to realize these 3 pillars.