GI De Zande Ruiselede - Purchase of bumper balls and bicycles

Thanks to renaat vermeersch

A donation of € 2.000

De Zande Ruiselede is a closed community institution for youths between 14 and 18 years of age. Their mission is to create opportunities together so the youths can again take on an active role in society: They provide care to minors and their families who receive compulsory support imposed by a judge as well as supervision by social services of the juvenile court. The institution is responsible for the first contact and orientation, observation, open education and guidance for youths in a ‘difficult home situation’ or closed education and guidance of youths who have committed an ‘act that qualifies as an offence’ and have been referred to the institution by the juvenile court. GI De Zande is looking for financial support for the purchase of bumper balls and bicycles for sports activities and as a means of independent transport to school/work.