vzw t'Alternatief - Purchase of equipment for nurseries Krokonijn & Kamelofant

Thanks to Gudrun Theys

A donation of € 2.300

vzw t'Alternatief is an organisation operating within the local service economy. They work towards finding work for target group employees who have difficulty in the regular job market. This can be due to personal factors or their current situation: for example, people with a heavy burden of care, living in poverty, who have been unemployed for a long time, etc. Krokonijn and Kamelofant are 2 daycare centres for children between the ages of 0 and 3. Every child is welcome, independent of background, home situation, care need or limitation. Together they have room for 47 children. They are currently need several specific items that would greatly benefit the daily care of the children, such as snoezel materials, sleeping bags, toddler chairs, rocking chairs, a play mat, etc. Financial support would be very welcome.