(Y)our Future

Thanks to Magdalena Rogusz, Process Development Consultant

A donation of € 1000

More than anyone else, our youth suffers from unemployment. Today, 28% of young adults in Belgium are unemployed.

With the (Y)our Future movement, JCI took the initiative to do something about this, all over Europe. JCI Gent took up the gauntlet and set up the project (Y)our Future in Ghent to lend a helping hand to young unemployed people from the area.

On 22 November 2014, the first (Y)our Future event will take place in Gent: 200 young people will be welcomed to learn new skills, build up a network and draw inspiration from:

The purpose of this project is to increase the chances of success of young unemployed people on the labour market by upgrading their skills and widening their network, but also by showing that people believe in them and giving them the much needed energy to go for it.

Discover more about JCI Gent on: http://gent.jcivlaanderen.be
Discover more about (Y)our Future on: http://www.our-future.eu/gent2014