Holiday camps for disadvantaged children

Thanks to Leen Maelfait, Departmental Assistant Maintenance

A donation of € 5000

Red Cross Flanders does much more than 'giving blood'; it also defends the most vulnerable persons in our society: families living in poverty, elderly people, persons with a disability, chronically ill persons, etc.

Usually, families living in poverty suffer most from the resulting social exclusion. Their poverty affects their confidence and leads to a sense of inferiority, which in turn decreases their opportunities for personal development. Red Cross Flanders tries, among other things, to reach out to the socially excluded by organising holidays for children of poor families. The purpose of these camps is twofold:

Apart from the many volunteers, they also need financial support to turn these holiday camps into a success. This financial support is used, among others, to organise activities such as a day trip to a theme park or indoor playground, to purchase play equipment and to give them a package with markers, a pen bag and other school supplies to take back home at the end of the holiday.

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