CIG House Ter Leye - little kids, big opportunities (BE)

Thanks to Heike Rogiers

A donation of € 2.000

Huis Ter Leye is a holistic family care centre that supports vulnerable families with young children and pregnant (teenage) girls, either at home or at the centre. Their work is centred on strengthening the parent-child bond, especially during the first thousand days of a baby's life. After all, this is the most crucial period in a child’s development. Huis Ter Leye is currently building a new building in Courtrai and would also like to provide a Snoezelen multi- sensory room as part of the package. It will be an intimate space with a starry sky, an indoor swing, relaxing music and atmospheric lighting. The multi-sensory room helps young children relax during stressful periods and helps parents and children relax and have fun together, strengthening their bond.