Martens-Sotteau – Digital tools to facilitate home teaching and family contact

Thanks to Renaat Vermeersch

A donation of € 3.000

Martens-Sotteau is an organization for special youth care that supports children and young people (and their families) who find themselves in a worrying home situation. The problems they are confronted with are often very diverse: deprivation, housing problems, limited pedagogical skills of their parents, drug addiction, psychological problems,… They guide these children and young people both in an ambulatory / mobile way and in a residential setting.

During the lockdown, these children could no longer receive visitors and were dependent on digital applications for contact with the home front. Education was also switched to digital learning. Martens- Sotteau does have a number of laptops and tablets, but not enough to allow everyone to be sufficiently addressed. With the support of the Alpro Social Fund, they were able to invest in extra laptops and tablets.