De Kier – Digital tools for underprivileged children

Thanks to Goddeeris Elisabeth

A donation of € 4.000

De Kier is a non-profit organization in Kortrijk of motivated volunteers who want to battle deprivation. Because poverty is not about problems, but about people and opportunities, about getting lost or just having lots of bad luck. The door is always ajar.

The corona crisis has a major impact on underprivileged children and vulnerable families. Not only does De Kier need to intervene financially more than ever to address urgent needs, the closure of schools is also forcing families to use digital learning tools. And these are the tools that vulnerable families are largely lacking. De Kier already purchased a few dozen laptops from its own operating budget and with the support of a private benefactor. After analysis of the specific family situation, these were given on loan to specific children between 10 and 14 years for free for 5 years. With the support of the Alpro Social Fund, De Kier will purchase additional laptops.