Kamiano – Protective equipment for the homeless

Thanks to Delphine Monteyne

A donation of € 1.000

Kamiano is Sant’Egidio's homeless restaurant. At Kamiano, people get more than just a meal. Above all, it is a place where people regain their self-esteem and where friendship and closeness are central. That is why volunteers serve the guests at the table and there is a family atmosphere. Kamiano provides more than a thousand meals every week.

In this corona crisis the situation for the homeless is even more difficult than usual and they need extra care. Firstly, there is the importance of personal protection to prevent homeless people from becoming ill. They must therefore have access to face masks and hand disinfection. Secondly, many homeless people suffer from dry hands with often painful gaps from excessive hand washing and use of hand gels. Hence, Kamiano also provides them with hand creams. The purchase of this protective material obviously entails an extra financial burden for the organization and for this they could count on the support of the Alpro Social Fund.