Thanks to José Mosteiro

A donation of € 2.500

The Cosmosport association is active in the socio-sportive field. Their target audiences are diverse, with various needs, problems and ages because they work with children, youths, people with a disability, senior citizens, etc. The association uses sports as a way to connect people of all ages and all levels of athletic ability. Transferring values, such as helping each other, communication, integration, social diversity, respect, etc. are crucial to this. The “Cosmo’Tour” project was started based on feedback from youths from Guebwiller and its surroundings during exchanges with sports coaches and other volunteers. This revealed the lack of entertainment, unawareness of innovative sports and a desire for more activities in their neighbourhood. From June to September 2021, the Cosmo’Tour will democratise unknown and innovative sports such as ‘teqball’ for the general public in various neighbourhoods in Guebwiller. They will also provide small food stalls to create a festive atmosphere in each neighbourhood. The goal of these events is to bring life to these otherwise often neglected neighbourhoods during the summer holidays.