VZW Dappere B-engeltjes – creating a mourning room NICU UZ Gent

Thanks to Nanou Peelman

A donation of € 2.000

VZW Dappere B-Engeltjes strives to provide added value to the care for patients in the neonatal ward. The association’s aim is to provide financial support to projects not normally financed by hospitals, such as materials and return gatherings for parents of deceased children, special clothing for premature babies, games and materials for the patients' siblings, etc. They also provide financial support to parents who are struggling to care for their child(ren) due to the complex pathology. VZW Dappere B-Engeltjes recently invested in special (‘warm’) rooms for parents in the neonatal intensive care unit at UZ Gent. The next project will be a mourning room for parents who have had to say their final farewell to their baby. A small gesture to make this difficult time more bearable for the parents. Especially now during these trying times, when visits are much more limited, this extra support is greatly appreciated.