Inloophuis Ieper - furnishing an empty location and purchase of materials

Thanks to Olivier Reubrecht

A donation of € 1.500

During these corona times, we have become even more aware of the importance of social interaction, someone to talk to and the feeling of doing something for/with someone else. Inloophuis Ieper wants to create a warm space where cultural, educational and leisure activities can evolve and flourish, with the aim of bringing people together. It is a collaboration between the neighbourhood, ‘Ons Onderdak’ and ‘Vorming Plus’. ‘Meeting’, ‘connecting’ and ‘doing’ form the heart of the mission statement: to create a place where everyone is welcome and can talk to each other, for people experiencing a social, emotional or financial barrier who want to do something for someone else, where you can engage in activities, listen to one another, inspire or be inspired, learn or teach, etc. The work group has been active for some time, but the project roll out is planned for the summer of 2021. Any contribution towards the furnishing and refurbishing of the location is appreciated.