CinematiQ Vzw - Wildebras Project: Adventurous construction playground for children

Thanks to Valerie Matton

A donation of € 1.500

CinematiQ vzw wants to bring people together in open spaces to shape the city's future together. A green and liveable city for everyone with a focus on child development who, in turn, will help build their ideal city. CinematiQ vzw organises and stimulates socio-cultural and artistic outdoor activities in public spaces. Through the Wildebras project, children are both encouraged and take part in free, wild and adventurous play in the city. The Wildebras project is a unique and adventurous construction playground in a multicultural neighbourhood in Courtrai. It is also the first of its kind in Belgium. It is a place where children can be themselves, where they can learn to assess risks themselves and explore boundaries, all at their own pace. It makes them stronger, it is healthy and also beneficial to their motor, emotional and cognitive development. The funds would be used to further expand the wilderness activities by building a fire area, a community oven and a workshop.