Vzw Vereniging voor Solidariteit (VVS) - Kamiano goes ecological

Thanks to Delphine Monteyne

A donation of € 1.000

De vzw Vereniging voor Solidariteit (VVS) was established in 1987 in Antwerp to fight poverty. VVS helps children and youths in underprivileged neighbourhoods, people with disabilities, refugees, the homeless and senior citizens. Kamiano, an association for the homeless, opened its doors in 1994. In the Kamiano Restaurant, homeless people can enjoy a free hot meal. And with Kamiano Mobiel, volunteers take to the streets with soup and healthy sandwiches for approximately 100 very isolated homeless people. The meals are served on disposable plastic materials. But the big environmental challenge has made Kamiano look for a more sustainable way to carry out their activities. They would like to serve their meals on more sustainable materials. To facilitate this switch, they are looking for financial support to purchase sustainable plates, cutlery, glasses, etc. for 1,000 persons. A few minor adaptations to the kitchen would also be necessary.