Vzw Den Brand – Optimisation Snoezelruimte (controlled multisensory environment) (purchase of waterbed, music box and tablet)

Thanks to Lies Heyns

A donation of € 1.000

For nearly 40 years, vzw Den Brand has been a home to adults with disabilities. Their goal: to maximise the quality of life for adults with disabilities by offering tailor-made care so they can live as independently as possible. Every day they support 130 people with disabilities in 15 small-scale centres for daytime activities, living, overnight accommodations and support. The corona crisis means, now more than ever, that they must offer activities indoors at the day centre. This is quite a challenge for the groups they work with on a daily basis. They would like to invest in a controlled multisensory environment by installing a waterbed, a multimedia projector and a tablet. A controlled multisensory environment is a location inside the day centre where all of the senses (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) are stimulated, helping the people to relax.