Vision:teilen - Hallo Nachbar!

Thanks to Carmen Alonso

A donation of € 1.500

Vision:teilen was established in 2008 and offers support to those living in poverty and those in need. The focus is not only on food, education and medical treatment, but also on initiatives that can help people in need begin living independently.   One of vision:teilen's initiatives is “Hallo Nachbar!” (“Hello Neighbours!”) With “Hallo Nachbar!” volunteers support lonely and vulnerable neighbours or neighbours in emergency situations in various ways. They open doors in many ways: they visit them at home, listen to their stories and worries and offer practical support with shopping or other needs. They also open doors, figuratively, towards society: they accompany neighbours to local get-togethers, to doctor’s appointments or meetings with the authorities that people do not want to attend alone due to shame, fear, disabilities, poverty, etc. They help people in need through donations in kind (food and clothing) or as an exception in emergency situations, with financial support.