CIG (Centra voor Integrale Gezinszorg) Nestel - Exploratory play

Thanks to Heike Rogiers

A donation of € 1.500

CIG, Centra voor Integrale Gezinszorg, offers support and assistance to young, vulnerable parents. This includes assistance at home for underprivileged families, support in raising young children and residential support for vulnerable families or vulnerable parent(s) during pregnancy, including minors. The CIG in Nestel wants to invest in exploratory and connecting toys. "Open Ended" toys, i.e. toys "without a fixed playing pattern". They often look quite neutral (few drawings, no faces) and are timeless and durable. Open Ended toys stimulate fantasy and creativity and are used in children’s activities (stimulate child development), group housing (where parents and children come together), the toy library (toys for borrowing) and parent-child activities/workshops. We are requesting a rather large budget which would enable us to work in all areas; social (building toy houses together), emotional (material for role playing), sensitivity (backpack full of body awareness), physical (balance boards, wobble boards), intellectual, motor skills, etc.