VZW Zonnelied - Hope for better communication with persons with multiple disabilities (projector purchase)

Thanks to Anja Deloddere

A donation of € 900

Zonnelied vzw is a service centre for people with a disability. They try to support each person in as inclusive a manner as possible with self-realisation in various aspects of life: living, working, leisure, education and relationships. Their goal is to help people with a disability to secure their own personal place in society. The residents at vzw Zonnelied all have multiple disabilities and communicate mainly non-verbally. A look, a touch, a feeling, a mood, etc. These are the things that are important to them and allow them to express how they feel. Unfortunately, corona has really thrown a spanner in the works. It is very difficult for them to talk to friends or family on the phone. They are feeling much more alone. This is why vzw Zonnelied wants to purchase a multimedia projector that can be connected to a PC, allowing the residents to Skype with their family and exchange facial expressions on a big screen. This will feel a bit more ‘real’ to them.