Vzw Sportaround - Play days for children in the neighbourhood!

Thanks to Fien Delannoy

A donation of € 1.000

Vzw Sportaround organises sports activities for all children in Ghent. Everyone is welcome but the main focus is on motivating vulnerable children and youths, especially underprivileged and/or immigrant families who are unable to find the standard activities. Activities organised by Sportaround are accessible, low-cost or free, recreational, and easily accessible. During the second lockdown, Sportaround started the ‘play days’ project. Play days are days chock full of games and sports for children when the schools are closed. They are free for all children between the ages of 6 and 12. Playing, being active, exercising and having fun with friends from the neighbourhood is what it’s all about. Vzw Sportaround would use the funds to purchase play equipment, rent gyms and provide healthy snacks.