vzw Zonnebloem - Cargo bike for children with special needs

Thanks to Febe Bels

A donation of € 3.000

vzw Zonnebloem is a multifunctional centre for children with special needs. They provide therapeutic daycare for these children and flexible accommodation to give the parents the occasional well-deserved break. They also have a mobile service called ‘Bij-ZON-der’ to support the children in their own environment. Last summer, the non-profit had the opportunity to test an electric cargo bike. It was a huge success! The kids loved the bike rides, feeling the wind on their faces and discovering the neighbourhood (e.g. little sheep & llamas along the way). A whole new mobile experience for these little ones. Zonnebloem would love to be able to provide this activity year round by buying their own electric cargo bike. The Alpro Social Fund could make this mobile dream come true.