vzw Berrefonds - Koesterhuis Kortrijk

Thanks to Valerie Matton

A donation of € 3.000

What started as a small-scale, fantastic idea to support other parents with the loss of a baby by giving them a small trunk filled with treasures and inspiration to make tangible memories (a memory chest), has now grown into a caring organisation that tries to make a difference in the lives of parents, grandparents, family, friends and caregivers every day in dealing with the most difficult loss imaginable. The Berrefonds offers support to parents and families of children who have died in the womb, immediately after birth and/or up to the age of 12. Creating mental, social and physical space for grief and sadness, cherishing the deceased child and aftercare are central.
19 December 2020, marked the opening of a second location, in addition to the one in Antwerp, that welcomes star parents and families: the new Koesterhuis in Courtrai! To make it accessible to everyone and to support families in their time of grief over the loss of their child, the memory chest is offered completely free of charge to suffering families. The Koesterhuis in Courtrai is looking for financial support to offer memories to 100 families in West Flanders, especially now that they are collaborating with more hospitals in that area. With €4,000, we can reach and provide 100 families with a small memory chest.